My First Experience on Periods at School

My First Experience on Periods at School says a story where I at first recognized my period symptoms at school, then learned the importance of maintaining periods calendar, plus tips on how to deal with periods at school.

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Luckily, when I had my first encounter with periods I was at my home. Nan and my sister were there to take care of me. When my school re-opened after vacations, I thankfully had all my periods starting consecutively for 3 months at home. I was not even prepared for a single one, I just knew that periods have to come cause it happens to every girl or woman, periods are a blessing, and up to 18 the girl who gets periods is truly a girl.

So, as I said, I was unprepared for my periods and had learned nothing about it. However, I had noticed some symptoms that used to occur just before my periods. After three consecutive months, I had my first period at school. What happened then, how did I managed to deal with periods at school, and what have I learned from periods at school is what you are going to read below.

I remembered that day was Saturday and as per our school uniform rules, I was wearing my yellow house t-shirt with a white skirt. Unaware of the circumstances, I had packed my school bag with required books, notebooks, stationery, and lunch. It was during the fifth period when I started feeling headache and stomach ache. So, during the lunch break, I went to the washroom to just check out if it’s normal down. And yes, it was clean and clear. The pain was also controllable so I did not think of it much.

Symptoms of periods
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In the middle of Maths period, again I felt an urgent need to go to the washroom. This time the feeling was more intense. Just because it was the sixth period, no one was allowed to move out of the class. So, I kept quiet and thought I would run out just after this class gets over. My plan froze when the bell rang as ma’am was still solving the last question on board. That day even the late comer PT sir was on time for his class!

(Ugh what’s happening is there anyone who can let me out? Now, how am I going to ask sir for the washroom? What if somebody sees my suspicious skirt with blood stains? It was too devastating, how am I gonna do what I wish to?) Surprisingly while I was wondering all that, another teacher came in class and informed sir about chairman sir calling him. Thankfully he went out. But other teacher was also a male. (Oh god, I want a female please help!) Sooner from the window, I saw Sujata ma’am coming in. The moment she entered, sir left the class. I felt happy and safe when she came for adjustment period. Sujata ma’am had a good image in my mind.

Challenge Recognized: I was sitting on the 5th desk and I had to go to her by passing all those eyes(though I knew not everyone’s interested but my overexcited friends were there). I was worried that they might notice those stains.

(I decided to talk about it with my desk partner, my best friend Shagun.)

Me: Shagun, I think periods have come.

Shagun: Wo kya hota hai?

Me: I’ll tell you later. I think my skirt has gone dirty. I need to go to the wash-room. I need your help.

Shakun: Okay! Kya karna hai?

Me: Yaar meri skirt gandi ho rahi hai.. me nahi chahti koi aur ise dekhe.. Please help koi idea de.

Shagun: Accha chal fir.

Shagun followed me and walked closely behind me to ma’am. Meanwhile, I kept my hands crossed at my back, and had put my bag over the desk, before leaving so that no one else could watch those stains. We reached our destination(Ma’am) successfully. I stood close to the blackboard, having my back against the wall. Shagun on my behalf asked ma’am for permission to the wash-room.

Shagun: Ma’am can we go to the washroom?

Ma’am: We? Who we? And Why we?

Shagun: Ma’am Riya needs to go to the wash-room and she wants me to accompany her.

Ma’am: If Riya wants to go to the washroom, she can ask by herself.

Me: Ma’am, I am Riya. Actually, I think I have started periods, I am not feeling well, my stomach and head are aching.

Ma’am: OK go.

We both headed towards the washroom. This time my doubt turned into reality. I checked out the whole loss and stains, bleeding was heavy. I wished to change my underwear but I couldn’t. I even lacked a sanitary pad at that time. Shagun suggested visiting in-charge ma’am. We did the same, ma’am was busy there. We had to wait for her.

When ma’am got free, she interrogated both of us.

In-charge Ma’am: What happened?

Me: Ma’am periods. I am not feeling well, my skirt has bloodstains. I do not have a pad.

Ma’am: Do you want to go home?

Me: No ma’am

Ma’am: OK! You first go to the washroom and tuck out your shirt. Shagun you go to the class, bring her school bag, she will carry that on her back to cover those stains. After that, you both shall proceed to the reception for a sanitary pad and the dress counter for a shirt. Do you have money?

Me: No ma’am, just Rs. 10.

(Ma’am then handed me a slip with something incomprehensible, and asked to show this to the dress counter).

Ma’am: OK? Go now.

Then we both headed for execution. Me to the way to washroom and Shagun to the class. Amidst this seventh period’s bell rang, class over. In school, after every period break, boys and girls traffic could be observed in and near the washroom. Nevertheless, after all this I managed to get a pad, the issue now aroused was waiting. Though there were at least two washrooms on each floor, the ground floor had just one. We waited there for approximately 5-7 minutes to just get in.

Thankfully, In-charge ma’am solved all my problems. She even managed to get me a long check shirt to wear for free just to hide my skirt’s stains.

While recalling those memories, I can not forget the amount of nervousness I’d suffered. I was nervous about bunking class for the first time, talking and taking help from in-charge ma’am for the first time, and asking for a sanitary pad for the first time at the school’s reception.

After reaching home when I talked about it to Nan, she advised me to keep a track of periods. She taught me the procedure to calculate period cycle, plus gave me a few tips

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  • Always remember the first date of your last period and then count 28-30 days. The resulting date would be the answer to your next or coming period.
  • If you ever feel nervous, close your eyes take 3 deep breaths, you’ll feel good.
  • Always keep a pad covered with a hanky in your bag, either give it to the needy or use it in the need.

Lessons Learnt:

  1. If you can track your happenings, track them and you’ll observe stars falling in your favor.
  2. If you share your problem with the right person, he/she will help you solve it with a good amount of energy.
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