About Me

Hello beautiful soul! 
Thank you for landing on this page. Here, I will tell you a bit about my blogs, content and me.
Starting with my blogs, I started writing a diary when I was 12. At that time I wrote only about the bad incidents that happened to me. I continued this for 4 years. Later I realized the importance of people around me and then I decided to stop writing a diary, and start exploring, sharing and opening up with people around me. However that decision was not easy for me as an introvert but I am happy that I took it for real.
Just after class 12th, I started using social media, basically Facebook and Whatsapp. My first facebook Id was an ID with 0 real photos of me. I started talking to random guys and girls for the purpose of pranks, but just because of that ID I found a great friend. A friend that is my real motivator and inspiration, he’s crazy but genuine. He is smart enough to understand a variety of situations. It is because of him that I have started working on my dreams. He pushed me to start writing again, but this time only the positive aspects, good memories and life lessons.   
Hence, at my website you will get to read a lot of stories(kisse) and experiences that became life lessons to me. Also, I have started a journey towards positivity, so you will get to know about how I found a positive perspective in an simpler way. 
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Alas! my name is Riya Vohra. I have started writing on others’ stories as well so if you want your story to be published, then you can fill this form- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeCo0QLB4Q01f-YCvbG1EWvSkuZw-SZW2dQ4e8xwh4GC_TKIQ/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr+0usp=mail_form_link
You can contact or follow me on my social media handles by clicking on the respective icons of social media.